It’s almost Summer! A review of spring progress.

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It’s nearly summer, the end of the school season, in the United States.  Kids are all but out of their seats raring to go swim, play hide and go seek, linger around a round, black Webster BBQ grill and bask in the sun.  Or maybe I’m thinking of parents everywhere.

In any case, it’s almost summertime everywhere except foggy, cold San Francisco (we get summer a bit later in the year) so here’s a wrap-up of what we accomplished at Bright Minds this spring.

1. Initiated our migration to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Congress mandated doc offices to move to computerized records by 2013, so we are getting on the ball a bit early. Okay, maybe not really! It’s going to help improve patient care, in theory, since every doctor’s office will have to be more organized. Doctors are not always known for their organizational skills. ;)

Though we’re late to the game by Kaiser Permanente standards, we’re enjoying the move.  Our solution, Practice Fusion, is robust and already in use by thousands of practices around the US already.

The only caveats right now are…

1) BMI parents cannot access their children’s Patient Health Records (PHR) due to a rule about sharing minors’ data (we’ve already submitted a feature request workaround since we don’t want to simply put in an erroneous birthdate for your child) and

2) Practice Fusion currently offers no native iPad app for easy access. (Site is currently Flash-based)  However, PF claims we’ll have an iPad app this year, and you can still access your PHR through the web from a computer browser (or Android phone) if you are an adult patient.

2. We’re getting closer to opening our Florida office for BEAM/DEEP Assessments!

We’ve got most of our equipment set up in Vero Beach, including some new equipment.  We are now in the hiring process to find a good Board certified EEG Technician with pediatric experience in Florida. (If you know anyone, they may send a resume, references and per diem/hourly rate to chris at for immediate consideration.)

 3. May was our busiest month ever! 

With many old patients returning to the fold for follow-up DEEP Assessments, and many new patients coming in the door, we had a very busy month. Thank you to all our new and returning patients for trusting Bright Minds Institute with your children’s care and treatment planning. We continue to see great interest from new patients across the world. A sampling of patient interest from this spring:

  • Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Lima, Peru
  • Baja and DF, Mexico
  • Romania
  • the UK
  • France
  • Singapore
  • Mumbai, Chennai, and other cities in India
  • All over the United States! Texas, Florida, New Jersey, New York, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia, etc…

It’s pretty obvious by now that the middle class is growing at a steady clip worldwide, so we are eyeing overseas expansion with joint venture partners as soon as we can vet and train them. We also began conducting film documentaries of patients going through the process this month, both for the benefit of families and to inform our staff and others.  We’ll share excerpts with you in the next month or so. Huge thank you to our videographer Bryce for joining us in the office!

In May we also conducted two Open Houses for doctors in our area, including at one of Sutter’s downtown SF campuses, to learn more about Dr. Miranda’s cognitive neurology insights with particular neuropharmacology regimens and Q&A of how we treat various brain disorders. We are gearing up to do more presentations over the summer at private schools and doctors’ offices throughout the SF Bay Area.

Partial list of disorders we diagnose and treat below:


  1. Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder/ASD, PDD-NOS, Sensory disintegrative disorder, Asperger’s…
  3. Dyslexia, Speech and learning disorders
  4. Down’s Syndrome
  5. head trauma/traumatic brain injury (TBI)


  1. vascular dementia
  2. stroke
  3. Adult ADD/ADHD attention disorders
  4. Dyslexia
  5. Parkinson’s
  6. Alzheimer’s
  7. head trauma/traumatic brain injury (TBI)

In all the above cases, we verify existing diagnoses, give corrected diagnoses if necessary, and so on.

As you can see we’ve been staying pretty busy.  If you are a parent and interested in attending an Open House with other existing BMI parents, please let us know.  We’ll be sending out patient satisfaction surveys soon.  Here’s to the opening days of Summer in the rest of the country!

Stay hydrated!

Cognitively yours,

Ken Ott

Operations Manager, Patient Adviser


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